Economic Intelligence

Information to improve decision making

Economic Intelligence works with decision makers facing complicated resource decisions to build better decision making information.

We draw on three primary capabilities: applied economics, statistical analysis and strategic thought.

We offer services through three primary domains.

Helping our clients turn new ideas or issues into positive outcomes through a process of origination, determination, implementation and evaluation.  We work in a consulting or contracting capacity to support decision makers, their stakeholders and teams to create better evidence.

Service examples include:
- Strategic Planning (STEEPLE/SWOT)
- Stakeholder Engagement
- Quantitative Modelling and Forecasting
- Feasibility Studies and Business Cases
- Impact Assessments (TBL, CBA, SEIA)
Delivering short, sharp and focussed tasks, at a low cost, that are specific measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. These are small scale content tasks that do not require as much process or specification as a consulting contract that assist your clients decision making capability.

Service examples include:
- Data collection
- Survey design
- Literature review
- Contacts databases
- Discreet models
Working with your decision makers, teams and clients to improve the quality of decision making across the organisation and to support your key personnel.

Service examples include:
- Targeted training
- Knowledge transfer
- Mentoring and extension
- Work group facilitation
- Negotiation

The clients we work with are small to medium Government agencies, non-government organisations and small to medium corporations.

We can assist anyone seeking to influence government policy settings. We are based in Australia, but work within the Australasian region.

You will find more information about our business as our web presence is developed. 

If there is something you would like to discuss with us, please email us through

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